5 Things to Consider Before Getting That New Pet

Avoid the mistake of acquiring the wrong pet by considering these 5 things:

#1 is where you live. Do you love the city and all it’s activity, or are you country folk with acres of fields around you? Is it an apartment for you or a house in the suburbs? All pets have space requirements and deserve to have those needs met.

#2 is how much spare time you have daily to spend on caring for a pet? A dog requires much more time daily than a cat or hamster! Be honest here and do not expect children in the home to fulfill this responsibility for you. Different breeds of both dogs and cats can be more demanding than others.

#3 is what you enjoy doing with your spare time. Do you look forward to gaming in the evening in front of the TV? Maybe a feline would be best in this situation. If you like to spend regular hours hiking, walking or jogging, you could be a perfect fit for a high energy, intelligent breed of dog such as a Doberman , German Shepherd or Jack Russell terrier.

#4 is your available income. Large breed dogs need larger vehicles to be toted around in and require larger doses of monthly flea and parasite preventatives. Their food costs are higher than a small breed dog or cat, ect… If you are a college student on a very tight budget, you might want to consider a goldfish 🙂

#5 is your tolerance level for disruptions in your life. For example, shedding hair, teething puppies that chew, holes in your yard and fence, accidents in the house… You get the idea. My mom often said “You can have a perfect house or you can have pets and children, but you can’t have both.”

It is a fact that people who have pets live longer and carry less stress around inside. With the investment of some background work first, your new pet will be a welcomed fit in your life.

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