Are You Ready for Spring?

Warm weather brings health threats from disease-carrying mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. At Western Hills Animal Hospital we recommend a prevention program specific to your pet’s unique circumstances. Some considerations include your pet’s species and breed, behavior, contact with other animals, places you travel with your pet and the disease threats in your area.

Ticks and fleas are extremely common, blood-sucking parasites that become active in warmer weather. They will feed on your dog, cat, kids or you. Ticks and fleas can carry several diseases that affect pets and people. Tick-borne diseases include Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever, Babesiosis and Hepatozoonosis. Flea bites can cause severe skin irritation and itching, especially for pets and people with allergies. Scratching can cause secondary, bacterial skin infections.

Mosquitoes can carry heartworm disease, an often fatal condition, preventable with heartworm controls given monthly to both dogs and cats.

A few ideas to protect yourself and your pet:

1) Brush and examine your pet after each outing.

2) Use recommended heartworm, flea and tick control medications regularly.

3) Protect your pet from Lymes disease with yearly vaccinations and have your pet checked yearly for Heartworms.

4) Cut or mow tall brush and grass where your pet plays.

5) Vacuum your house and wash your pet’s bedding regularly to remove flea eggs and larvae.

6) Do daily “tick checks” on yourself, pet, and children after play periods outside.

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