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Surgical Services

imageDr.Brenneman has a passion for surgical technique and has made the most of the past 30 years of continuing education in the field of surgical methods.Our goal at WHAH is to offer you the best health outcomes for your pet. We offer general surgical services such as spaying, neutering, declawing,and tail docking. We also offer more delicate techniques such as ear cropping, torn cruciate repair,and removal of tumors, bladder stones and obstructions, to name a few.

We require pre-surgical blood screens before all surgical procedures to help minimize any unexpected complications. We want to give all our patients the best possible outcome for any procedure and use reliable,and safe anesthetics. We place IV catheters and monitor vitals during all anesthetic procedures. Our prices are all-inclusive with post-surgical pain treatment, follow up visits and precautionary antibiotics included when needed.